Ice Making Machine

Self-Contained Unit Tube Ice Machine


  • Capacity from 1.5-55 tons/24 hours. (Packaged type for capacity 1.5 - 5 tons).
  • Good shape tubes and arrange on various sizes.
  • Ammonia/ environment friendly refrigerant available.
  • Available UL,ASME,U-stamp for pressure vessel certificated.
  • Operate with high temperature make up water. No water chiller is required.
  • Eligible to install in ambient temperature, no need to install in cold room.
  • Easy and low cost maintenance. - Simple to operate, long life and low energy.

Options of Tube Ice Machine

  • Stainless steel ice bin with auger.
  • PLC remote control panel.
  • Supply with compressor complete package and high side equipment. Selective from shell & tube water cooled condenser or stainless evaporative condenser.