Ice Making Machine

Plate Ice Machine

Plate Ice Making Concept: The water is pumped from lower tank to the water distribution tray situated on the upper part of evaporator plates. The water is distributed to each and every cold refrigerated, circulated plates, Ice would be accumulated, and will gain thickness between 3-9 mm as required.

Plate Ice Harvesting Concept: Once the thickness of accumulated ice is as required, hot gas would be distributed into the evaporator plates, thawing out the ice which would fall onto the ice slide, the ice conveyor screw and crusher will crush them into small pieces.


  • Producing ice at thickness between 3 to 9 mm.
  • Production capacity from 5 – 80 tons/day
  • All parts in stainless steel.
  • High efficiency due to vertical flow of evaporator plates.
  • Self-contained complete ice making unit.
  • Simple and reliable operation. - Harvest conveyor available.
  • Ammonia/ R404 A environment friendly refrigerant available.

Application of Plate Ice :

  • Best for Poultry processing, Fishing industry & Seafood processing, Meat & Sausage Food processing, Supermarket, Chemical & Cosmetics, Fruit & Vegetable.