Food & Dairy

UHT System

PATKOL introduces the entire process-engineering kit, UHT dairy plant our aseptic technology which has been design for faster setup and easier operation process line including sterile water UHT, Homogenizer, Aseptic tanks, UHT process, Holding line. It has been very compactly dimension with hygienic design and achieve with lower product losses, minimizing pre-sterilisation time, and eliminating unnecessary heating prior to UHT treatment.


  • Product capacity from 1,200 - 12,000 Liters/hour. 
  • Save energy by regeneration.
  • CIP, The transfer line and tank are cleaned by an existing CIP system, The milk treatment system is cleaned by itself.
  • Fully automatic design to control the unit to easy operate, trackable and reliability.
  • Optional packages for Programmable logic control (PLC) which difference password for different levels of access are possible, from simple operator control right up to altering recipes.