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PATKOL Good Governance      

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The PATKOL’s operations 
are set up in compliance with the Articles of Association, Securities and Stock Exchange Act and in conformity with the code of Best Practice under the regulations of SET by based on 5 Categories which are rights of shareholders, Equality of shareholder’s roles, Information disclosure and its transparency, and The Board of Directors responsibilities as follow:

Policy on corporate governance

The PATKOL management team realized the importance of good corporate governance which and made the PATKOL’s trust worthy firm and gained trust from shareholders, customers, employees as well as society. The main practices of the PATKOL are :

  1. Treated all the shareholders fairly and in accordance with global standard business operation.
  2. Established the good workforce in order to yield the highest valve to the PATKOL’s products in order to gain trust from customers.
  3. Set up the operation target with clear strategy for the steady growth of business
  4. Set up the employees should keep strictly the PATKOL’s motto which is "sincere and intent"
  5. Arranged to have suitable internal control and constantly analyzing the management risks to make sure that the company has certain risk in accordance to the situation
  6. The company will disclose the correct information to the shareholders and manage the transparency business
Shareholders right

In 2006, PATKOL held one ordinary shareholders meeting. The meetings was held at the PATKOL’s premisses for the convenince of the shareholders. Also,the company had sent the notice of the meeting and relevant documents to all the shareholders not less than 7 days before the meeting date. PATKOL also provided the proxy form in case the shareholders were not able to participate.
Right of various groups of stakeholders

PATKOL is sell aware that its operation involved various groups of stakeholders and had ensured that their rights are protected and treated with care such as :
  1. The management and all the staff are trust worthy and would use their ability at the fullest. All the decisions are transparency and will yield the benefits to shareholders, customers, debtors and the public.
  2. The management and staff will not disclose the PATKOL’s inside information to the public for their own benefits.
  3. The management and staff will not do anything that would cause conflict of interest, without the PATKOL’s permission.
  4. PATKOL has disclosed sufficient financial information basing on the accounting standard, security codes and Security Exchange Committee.
  5. PATKOL has closed the Company’s operation and be fair to all the shareholders and customers.
  6. It is the PATKOL’s policy to carry out a fair share to all the company’s competitors.
  7. PATKOL will not wrongly obtain inside information of secret of the competitors
  8. PATKOL is strictly responsible to all the agreements made with suppliers nd debtors
  9. PATKOL gives suitable salary to all their staff basing on each individual knowledge, capability and reponsibility
  10. PATKOL has continuously supported the personnel development to ensure the sound standing of its staff.
  11. PATKOL has followed all the rules and regulations of the labour laws and workman compensation.
  12. PATKOL supported the public and community activities.
  13. PATKOL will refrain from wrong doing that may damage the country reputation, natural resources and environments.
  14. PATKOL will not support any individual who may commit the outlaw business, doing harm to the public or th country’s stability

The stakeholder’s rights are also prescribed in the PATKOL’s ethics as follows:
  • Customers  :  PATKOL responds to customers’ needs with quality products and equitable services, loyalty, and protection of their interests as well as their confidential information
  • Shareholders :  PATKOL equally respects all shareholders’ rights and performs its businesses by effiency, loyalty, transparency and non-disclosure of information for its owns benefits, and disclosure of accurate and adequate financial information to shareholders.
  • Employees :  PATKOL recruits and maintains qualified employees to carry out the performances as well as continuously improves their capabilities. For instance, PATKOL has provided and engliss class for employees who are in need for the language, thus promoting their career part and security. Furthemore, all remuneration and benefits are appropriately in line with their skills and capabilities such as Provident fund and special work allowance. These include safe and hygienic work place that facilitates effective working environment.
  • Alliances and partners :  PATKOL collaborates with the partners in exchanging information for mutual benefits and upholds loyalty and fairness by encompassing all opinions, suggestions and explanations.
  • Society & Environment :  PATKOL has consistently continued to support social and environmental activities such as making donations to needy schools, charities, folding victims, etc.
Shareholders Meeting

According to the 1992 Public Company’s Law, PATKOL would held General shareholders’ meeting at least once a year to consider various matters as stipulated by law. During the meeting,PATKOL gave the right to shareholders to view their opinions and answer their queries.
In each meeting, PATKOL’s directors, auditor and legal advisor were prticipated in order to give answers to the shareholders.
In each meeting PATKOL’s Managing Director, as chairman of the meeting had given sufficient time for each meeting agenda for shareholder queries.


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