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PATKOL History           

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PATKOL Public Company Limited
Premier Engineering Solutions Provider     


               PATKOL is well known in ASEAN as the leading company in refrigeration and food machinery fields with excellent engineering capability and high quality products for more than 40 years as the company was established in 1965  

PATKOL’s History

1965      Company founded as Patanakolkarn Co.,Ltd by Chongvatana Family

1974      Began sales of dairy machinery

1976      Commenced production of tube ice machines

1985      Commenced production of food grade stainless steel tank

1991      Set up new production facility at King Kaew Factory and moved all the production to this facility .

1993      Listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand and renamed to PATKOL Public Company Limited

1997      Began sales of Petrochemical

1999      Recieved Prime Minister’s Export Award (Catagory : Thai own Design)

2000      Recieved "U-Stamp Certificate" from The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) 

2001      Recieved Prime Minister’s Export Award (Catagory : Thai own Brand)

2005      Built a 15,000 square meters factory on a plot of land 15 rais at Ampur Khaoyoy, Petchaburi, 
              The new factory, Patkol Manufacturing Co.,Ltd has B.O.I. privileges

2005      PATKOL celebrated 40 years as a successful engineering company

2006      Started Turnkey Project for Ethanol Plant

2007      PKM Recieved ISO 9001:2000 Certificate

2010      PKM Recieved ISO 9001:2008 Certificate


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