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 Quality & impressive service add immediately orders 
Update June 4, 2010 
Choksamut Marine Co.,Ltd., at Samutsakhon processed food manufacturer exporting to Japan, order the 500 kg/hr PATKOL Spiral Freezer delivered directly to PATKOL. PATKOL assign skilled engineers to control the project. That makes the machine to be able to run continuously up to10 hours. With quality performance, care and help customers solve problems to meet the customer needs made they impress and very satisfy to PATKOL. Latest,customer contact to get more new orders also.


 Food Industry alert, frequent PATKOL Spiral Freezer orders
Update May 12, 2010 
Daiho (Thailand) Co.,Ltd., a manufacturer of frozen seafood at Samutsakorn  Industrial Estate, saw the potential growth of the frozen food business. So he orders more PATKOL Spiral Freezers. PATKOL Food Engineering (FPE) and Refrigeration (RF) Business Unit have jointly produced and installed them fully until PATKOL Spiral Freezer Refrigerator fast cool result impressive customer  at all. They have already delivered to customers on the past May 12, 2010.

PATKOL penetrate foreign market in Indonesia by CIP installation                                                     Update March 16, 2010 
Last November, engineers and technicians team from Food and Dairy Business Unit     (FD) went to installed Clean in Place (CIP) system at PT Frisian Flag Co., Ltd. and PT Ultra jaya Co., Ltd in Indonesia and provide training to employees who work to have a better understanding of the use of carefully every step. Although in recent years, Indonesia is experiencing frequent natural disasters, but there is no fall committed to FD team, they still work until project is OK. It's already delivered at the end of past February.

 PATKOL with EIT; the lecturer for engineer
Update March 8, 2010 
On Sunday, March 7, 2010 Khun Sumet Jiambutr, Executive Director of  PKM Production, and Khun Khongsak ChinNaBoon, Technical and development manager, Refrigeration section, has been honored by the Engineering Institute of  Thailand under  H.M. The King's Patronage (EIT) to invite be a guest speaker on the topic "Refrigeration" in the short-term training program, "Towards ordinary professional engineers", to increase knowledge and prepare the Thai engineers to test a graduate Party Members. This year has been the 3rd time of  PATKOL has been invited as a speaker and we are very pleased to have sponsored the development of  Thai engineers. This will be a cornerstone in the  next National Development.

 Congratulations! TUF assess PATKOL is a Grade A Contractor
Update February 25, 2010 
Congratulations to PATKOL! That the Thai Union Frozen (TUF) company has been assessing the performance of  PATKOL in the past year with 100 full scores at all grade A, made PATKOL has been trusted and be trusted by TUF as a subcontractor in the next. Although TUF score was evaluate every month but PATKOL people would not be afraid to grab the score of every month.

 SNOW MAGIC visit PKM   
Update February 25, 2010 
On the past February 25, 2010  Mr.Albert Bronander ,President of Snow Magic Co.,Ltd. from USA, manufacturer of snow used for indoor and outdoor play general sports as well as ski, snowboard, and their engineer team go for factory visit at PATKOL Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. in Phetchaburi to see potential of advanced manufacturing processes. Then they went to visit the work of the PATKOL Plate Ice machine, produced by PATKOL Plc. at Mun Num Chok Co.,Ltd. and  GFPT Co.,Ltd. in Samutprakarn.

BRAND credit PATKOL Line process and CIP installation
                                                                   Update February 12, 2010 
Cerebos Thailand Company Limited, manufacturer and distributor of branded beverages Health Care BRAND Essence of Chicken, Bird's Nest and Vita is planning further expansion of facilities at Pinthong Industrial Estate Phase 2 in October 2009. PATKOL has won the trust from Cerebos company as the design and installation  for all Clean in Place (CIP) and Line Processing both Automation and Mechanical System. By this project, PATKOL use specifically technology designed with a special program. Materials can be designed and calculated accurately as the virtual model. Installation was complete a month ago, in January 2010.

 MAYEKAWA, Japan Visit PKM
Update February 5, 2010 
On the past February 5,2010 PATKOL Plc. had an opportunity to welcome a High-level executives from Mayekawa company that led by Mr.Mayekawa, Mr.Shigeru Takahashi and Mr.Tsutomu Kamiya direct flights from the land of the sushi to visit the production potential of  PATKOL Manufacturing (PKM), which is produced by the advance process machines, Technologies and  ISO 9001:2008 and U-Stamp certified quality standard.

New Year's Eve Big Project:                       Update February 2, 2010 
Petch Thawat Ice Factory, Ratchaburi
A one successful project in 2009 is the installation of 50 tons- PATKOL Tube Ice Making Machine, 150 tons Block Ice Plant and many Ice Storage room sets at Petch Thawat Ice Factory, Ratchaburi, the old customers who used to order PATKOL Tube Ice Making Machine and Block Ice Plant to install at the Wangsala Ice Factory, Kanchanaburi before and expansion plans to add at this Ratchaburi.

 Most gratify! PKM pass U-Stamp for 4 consecutive years 
Update January 29, 2010 
On the last January 27-28, 2010 Broad of Director and engineers of PATKOL Manufacturing (PKM) has welcomed the representatives Leader Team from the Association of American Society for Mechanical Engineers (ASME), led by Mr. Fred Barton to come to Joint Review (U-Stamp Test), which are every 3 years exams by this count as the forth already, but PKM not afraid to carry the confidence over hundreds of U-Stamp test and produce pressure vessel are required to meet standards through the Joint Review of this time.

Technip visit PKM potential technology   
                                                                        Update January 15, 2010 
On the last Friday January 15, Technip Engineering (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. design and consult for the petrochemical industry, led by Ms.Anne-Sophie Laurent (Project Manager) and Mr. Kokanok  Phattarametaworakul (Procurement Engineer) to travel to visit potential in the production of  PATKOL Manufacturing (PKM)


Pattana Frozen Food order PATKOL machine in the 3rd time
                                                     Update March 16, 2010 
After Pattana Frozen Food Co.,Ltd. Samutsakhon, have previously ordered Steam Cooker (The shrimp stream boiler) and Cooling Conveyor (cooled by injecting cold water after boiling) from PATKOL up to 2 sets in recent years, he plans to expand production capacity and trust in PATKOL orders the third one with a set of operation test. It has already delivered on the past January 8.

PATKOL initial first job, Welcome a new year
Update January 14, 2010 
From PATKOL motto "Quality with service  by earnestness and sincerity"  resulting in Thai Union Seafood Co., Ltd.; Songkhla, manufacturer and exporter of shrimp processing and freezing shrimp, orders more Thermo-Jack Freezer from PATKOL Plc. after the first purchase and installation completed successfully in the past October 2009, which set up and test run through the machine to complete a great weekend celebrating the past New Year.











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