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PATKOL Spare Part   
    We supply all spare part   

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Spare Parts Refrigeration Compressors

PATKOL provides compressor and spare parts both of reciprocating type and screw type such as :
  • BOCK

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Spare parts for evaporative condensor & Axial Fan

Spare parts for evaporative condenser such as Motor, Nozzle, Eliminator and Axial Fan

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Spare Parts For LIANG CHI Cooling Tower

  Spare parts for Liang chi cooling tower such as
  • Motor
  • Sprinkler head
  • Water float valve
  • Fan assy
  • Filling
  • etc.

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Spare parts for Tube Ice Machine and Block Ice Plant

Spare parts for Ice machine both of Tube Ice and Block Ice such as
  • Nylon sprayer, air blow valve
  • Hand oil pump with charging hose
  • Liquid level glasses, Oil drain valve
  • Three ways valve and repair kit
  • Cutter sets and spare parts
  • Spare parts for screw conveyor
  • V-Belt
  • Circuit breaker, Magnetic contactor, Overload
  • Power relay, Time relay, Switch, etc.
  • Compressor oil
  • Hydrochrolic acid, De-scaler

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Refrigeration Spare part

Various Equipments for all refrigeration system
  • Pressure Control, Thermostat
  • Solenoid valve
  • Safety Valves Pressure 200-275 Psig
  • Liquid level regulator, Float switch
  • Valve

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Refrigeration Pump & Spare Parts

PATKOL is authorized dealer of "HERMETIC"who provides high performance refrigeration pump and spare parts from Germany

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Ammonia Pressure Gauge & Temp. Control

Digital, Analog Thermometer and pressure gauge for use for refrigeration industry and others industry
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Thermometer
  • Temperature Controller
  • Timer & Counter
  • Sensor

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Multi wing Impeller

Multi wing Impeller variable for refrigeration system; Indoor and Outdoor Units

"Multi-Wing" adjustable flow rate/Angle axial fan set :
Black blade  : Temperature range -100C to 800C, Material PPG
White blade : Temperature range -400C to 1100C, Material PAG

Type of Blade 

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Flexelec Heater

Various Kinds of Heater for refrigeration and other industry such as

  • Cold room door heater
  • Drain Line Heater
  • Under floor heater 
  • Immersion heater
  • Unit cooler’s heater
  • etc.

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Ammonia Safety Equipment

 Ammonia gas Detectors

We provides gas detection system for saving your life, your business. Our system are friendly to environment and refrigeration plants:

Stationary Type

Portable Type

 Gas Respirators

Gas respirators is personal protective equipment for saving your life, We provides together with chemical cartridge suitable for your work as follows.

Half face gas respirators

Full face gas respirators

Self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA)

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