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PATKOL Tank          

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           Over the past 35 years, we have gained a great experience and good knowledge about hygienic tanks storage, as our capabilities, we can provide a variety of liquid storage solutions. And our customers benefit from that experience.
All Product and services 
  • Fermenting tank
  • Brewery tank
  • Yeast storage tank
  • On site fabrication
  • Tank transportation and installation
  • Plant and tank relocation
         Every tank built and sold with a strong factory warranty that we have authorized by ASME for U-STAMP Certificate. And important is service in our reputation.

Hygienic Design Tank

Our tanks design meets GMP, HACCP, FDA Standards & Sanitary Concept. Tank surface can be polished to Ra < 0.8 micrometers or up to Ra < 0.4 micrometers depend on customer requirement. Tank surface can be improved by chemical passivation.



PATKOL® Hygienic Design Tank

PATKOL® Mixing Tank


Mixing Tank

We starting from design, calculation following ASME Code, Heat transfer for Heating & Cooling load and follow up GMP & Sanitary Concept.

Pre-Mix Tank : Use for Mixing Ingredient in Liquid:Liquid, Liquid:Solid with medium or high speed mixer.

Main Mix Tank : Use for Mixing Liquid Solution from Pre-Mix Tank together.

Storage Tank : Use for Maintain Product in Homogenous before filling.


Jacket Tank

Various types of Jacket Tank can be designed and produced upon heating/cooling load, pressure as required by customer such as dimple jacket, half tube jacket, chamber jacket, spiral jacket etc.




PATKOL® Jacket Tank

PATKOL® Silo Tank


o Tank 

Tanks designed with advanced alcove assemblies, horizontal/vertical agitator assemblies, and optional accessories depending on product and application.



Process Tank

Tanks design meets ASME, GMP & Sanitary Concept. With vertical agitator assemblies, and optional accessories depending on product application such as Mixing Tank, Storage Tank, Buffer Tank, Ageing Tank, etc.




PATKOL® Process Tank





The system provide buffer limitation in aseptic condition, between UHT sterile unit and aseptic filler.
Capacity of the system can be design according to processing time management and performance adjustable between UHT sterile system and aseptic filler.
The benefit of the system is to provide buffer time, production time management, sequence of CIP loop system.

Automate controlled by PLC system Be able to interfere with plant CIP system or single CIP unit

Capacity of tank: 6,000 – 40,000 liters

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