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PATKOL Supermarket Showcase     


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Supermarket Showcase : Bonnet Service Counter Showcase
Sevice Counter Showcase
Supermarket Showcase : Glass Covers Frozen Island
Glass Covers Frozen Island


Supermarket Showcase

1Refrigeration-freezer-patkol-food-supermarket-showcaseHigh loading capacity, large display area and optimized floor space. 
2Refrigeration-freezer-patkol-food-supermarket-showcaseErgonomically design.
3Refrigeration-freezer-patkol-food-supermarket-showcaseEnergy saving design.
4Refrigeration-freezer-patkol-food-supermarket-showcaseEasy product accessibility.
5Refrigeration-freezer-patkol-food-supermarket-showcaseEasy to maintenance. 
6Refrigeration-freezer-patkol-food-supermarket-showcaseCompleted ranges of food display. 
           o Multideck.
              o Semi Multideck.
              o Serve Over Counter or Service Counter.
              o Combination Freezer.
              o Glass-doors Freezer.
              o Frozen Island.
              o Plug-in Frozen Island with top sliding glass covers.

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7Refrigeration-freezer-patkol-food-supermarket-showcaseBONNET SUPERMARKET SHOWCASE

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Supermarket Showcase : Multideck Showcase Type1
Multideck Showcase Type 1
Supermarket Showcase : Multideck Showcase Type2
Multideck Showcase Type 2
Supermarket Showcase : Combination Frozen Showcase
Combination Frozen Showcase 

Compressor Rack

1Refrigeration-freezer-chiller-food-patkol-compressor-rackMost suitable for all commercial refrigeration plants with partial load operation. 
2Refrigeration-freezer-chiller-food-patkol-compressor-rackUniversally applicable for medium and low temperature applications. 
3Refrigeration-freezer-chiller-food-patkol-compressor-rackSelectable compressors for HFC and HCFC refrigerants.
4Refrigeration-freezer-chiller-food-patkol-compressor-rackEnergy efficient.
5Refrigeration-freezer-chiller-food-patkol-compressor-rackHigh cooling capacity. 
6Refrigeration-freezer-chiller-food-patkol-compressor-rackEfficient capacity control by compressor step controller. 
7Refrigeration-freezer-chiller-food-patkol-compressor-rackMinimal space requirements.
8Refrigeration-freezer-chiller-food-patkol-compressor-rackQuiet and low vibration. 
9Refrigeration-freezer-chiller-food-patkol-compressor-rackFully with safety devices and compressor protections for reliability and long term operation. 
10Refrigeration-freezer-chiller-food-patkol-compressor-rackEasy to service and maintenance.

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Compressor Rack 

Compressor Rack

Compressor Rack 

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