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Riple Plate Water Chiller - PATKOL - Highly efficiency and saving energy

PATKOL® Riple Plate Water Chiller


Riple Plate Water Chiller

2Refrigeration-freezer-patkol-riple-plate-water-chillerHighly efficiency - saving energy. 
3Refrigeration-freezer-patkol-riple-plate-water-chillerApproximately 30% weight of shell & tube chillers.
4Refrigeration-freezer-patkol-riple-plate-water-chillerCannot be damaged by freeze up.
5Refrigeration-freezer-patkol-riple-plate-water-chillerAll stainless steel - more durable and completely cleanable. 
6Refrigeration-freezer-patkol-riple-plate-water-chillerFriendly operation.
7Refrigeration-freezer-patkol-riple-plate-water-chillerEnvironment concern option for refrigerations .

Download Riple Plate Water Chiller Brochure : 

8Refrigeration-freezer-patkol-riple-plate-water-chillerPATKOL Riple Plate Water Chiller 

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Shell & Tube Chiller

PATKOL Shell and tube flooded chiller is very efficient and require minimum floor space and headspace.

1Refrigeration-freezer-equipment-patkol-shell-and-tube-condenserVery widely used in medium to large capacity of refrigeration system.
2Refrigeration-freezer-equipment-patkol-shell-and-tube-condenserThe liquids such as water or glycol can be cooled down by pumping them through tubes of chiller.
3Refrigeration-freezer-equipment-patkol-shell-and-tube-condenserMaintenance is simple. By removing the water lids, access is gained to the water tubes, for inspection and mechanical cleaning.
4Refrigeration-freezer-equipment-patkol-shell-and-tube-condenserOur Quality Management System is certified in accordance with the ASME Code Division VIII, Section I. All ASME Code work is inspected by an independent agency prior to apply the U-stamp of approval.

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Ammonia chiller - PATKOL - Suitable for the large heat exchange system and large cooling system

PATKOL® Ammonia Chiller


Ammonia Chiller

1Refrigeration-ammonia-chiller-freezer-food-patkolSuitable for the large heat exchange system and large cooling system.
2Refrigeration-ammonia-chiller-freezer-food-patkolAmmonia refrigerant. 
3Refrigeration-ammonia-chiller-freezer-food-patkolNo solidification problem.
4Refrigeration-ammonia-chiller-freezer-food-patkolHigh efficient cooling device.
5Refrigeration-ammonia-chiller-freezer-food-patkolEasy to use and maintenance. 
6Refrigeration-ammonia-chiller-freezer-food-patkolSaving Energy.

Application of Ammonia Chiller: 

7Refrigeration-ammonia-chiller-freezer-food-patkolFor large industrial, petrochemicals industrial. 

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Glycol Chiller

1Refrigeration - Freezer - PATKOL - glycol chillerProduce Propylene Glycol at 00C to (-10)0C. 
2Refrigeration - Freezer - PATKOL - glycol chillerR22, R404A and Ammonia refrigerant. 
3Refrigeration - Freezer - PATKOL - glycol chillerNo solidification problem.
4Refrigeration - Freezer - PATKOL - glycol chillerHigh efficient cooling device.
5Refrigeration - Freezer - PATKOL - glycol chillerEasy to use and maintenance. 
6Refrigeration - Freezer - PATKOL - glycol chillerSaving Energy. 

Application of Glycol Chiller :

7Refrigeration - Freezer - PATKOL - glycol chillerThe produced Propylene Glycol liquid at below 00C can use with various heat exchangers which is not toxic to the environment. They can be used with Evaporator in production line, the explode protected cooling room and chemicals storage cooling room.

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Glycol Chiller - PATKOL - High efficient cooling device, can use with various heat exchangers with is not toxic to the environment

PATKOL® Glycol Chiller

Ice Bank- PATKOL- Provide a steady source of low temperature water for processing cooling application

PATKOL® Ice Bank Chiller

Refrigerations - PATKOL Ice Banks are evaporator coils submergedin a tank of water


Ice Bank Chiller

PATKOL Ice Banks are evaporator coils submerged in a tank of water. Ice is built on the coils contained in the ice bank thermal storage unit.You can run ice banks at night or off-peak period to make ice to reduce expensive on-peak electric.

1Refrigeration-IceBank-freezer-food-patkolProvides a steady source of low temperature water for process cooling application.
2Refrigeration-ammonia-chiller-freezer-food-patkolIce accumulation in the night and then dissolved in the daytime.
3Refrigeration-ammonia-chiller-freezer-food-patkolR22, R404A and Ammonia refrigerant.
4Refrigeration-ammonia-chiller-freezer-food-patkolCannot be damaged by freeze up.
5Refrigeration-ammonia-chiller-freezer-food-patkolEasy to use and maintenance. 
6Refrigeration-ammonia-chiller-freezer-food-patkolSaving Energy. 
7Refrigeration-ammonia-chiller-freezer-food-patkolEnvironment concern option for refrigerations.

Application of Ice Bank : 

8Refrigeration-ammonia-chiller-freezer-food-patkolOpen the refrigerator and ice accumulation in the night, with saving electric charged, then close it to melt ice into cold water for using during the day.

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