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PATKOL Freezer         


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PATKOL® -60oC Freezer



PATKOL Cabinet Freezer is well designed and manufactured based on the aim of customer’s highest benefits. The using of both Ultra-low temperature freezing air at -60’C and efficient air circulation throughout freezing cabinet lead to achieve rapid freezing rate and therefore, higher frozen product quality compared to traditional blast freezing method.

PATKOL -60’C Freezer is suitable for all types of frozen products such as ready-to-eat meal, prepared food and also wrapped products.

1Refrigeration-minus60c-freezer-food-patkol-60’C Freezing air temperature with uniform circulation.
2Refrigeration-minus60c-freezer-food-patkol4 modes of freezing air direction; Top,Down,Both top-down and side.
3Refrigeration-minus60c-freezer-food-patkolAir velocity of each direction can be individually adjusted.
4Refrigeration-minus60c-freezer-food-patkolUser friendly operation with fully automatic control.
5Refrigeration-minus60c-freezer-food-patkolFully trolley-in concept for product loading and unloading.
6Refrigeration-minus60c-freezer-food-patkolLow energy consumption.
7Refrigeration-minus60c-freezer-food-patkolEasy to clean and maintenance.
8Refrigeration-minus60c-freezer-food-patkolThe freezer achieves freezing time equivalent to liquid carbon dioxide freezer.

Download -60oC Freezer Brochure

9Refrigeration-minus60c-freezer-food-patkolPATKOL -60oC Freezer

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1Refrigeration - PATKOL - Blast freezerOperating temperature is (-35)0C - (-40)0
2Refrigeration - PATKOL - Blast freezerLuminar air flow. 
3Refrigeration - PATKOL - Blast freezerR22, R404A and ammonia refrigerants. 
4Refrigeration - PATKOL - Blast freezerHigh efficient compressor and cooling coil. 
5Refrigeration - PATKOL - Blast freezerEasy to use and maintenance. 
6Refrigeration - PATKOL - Blast freezerEnergy saving. 
7Refrigeration - PATKOL - Blast freezerMeet hygienic standard. 

Application of Blast Freezer :

8Refrigeration - PATKOL - Blast freezerUsed to rapidly reduce the product temperature to below
(-18)0C to protect the pathogen growth prior to storage.

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PATKOL® Blast Freezer

 DSI® Contact Plate Freezer



DSI Horizontal Plate Freezer is a fast and economic way of freezing due to double contact with the product packaging. Furthermore, the fast low temperature freezing maintains the natural quality of the product. 

DSI Horizontal Plate Freezer is made with a heavy-duty hot-dip galvanised steel frame and is mounted with hydraulic twin rams ensuring a stable and even plate pressure - your guarantee for homogeneous blocks 

1Refrigeration-PATKOL- DSI Contact plate freezerUnique Design.
2Refrigeration-PATKOL- DSI Contact plate freezerLow power consumption. 
3Refrigeration-PATKOL- DSI Contact plate freezerEasy to maintain and clean. 
4Refrigeration-PATKOL- DSI Contact plate freezerElement surface structure prevents dents and marks in the packaging. 
5Refrigeration-PATKOL- DSI Contact plate freezerThe most common block dimensions are produced in this type of freezer. 

Download Contact Plate Freezer Brochure : 

6Refrigeration-PATKOL- DSI Contact plate freezerDSI Horizontal Contact Freezer

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